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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to Upper Key Stage 2 Parent Booklet - 2019/20

General Information:


Year 6 is an important year for our students and they are working extremely hard in class to achieve their potential. To support your child at home, please listen to them read as often as possible. The minimum expectation for a Year 6 child is to read 3 times per week. An adult’s input and questioning can really help your child to understand new vocabulary and comprehend the text in greater detail.


Year 6 also participate in the Accelerated Reader Competition. Each class is working as a team to read and embrace the Accelerated Reader scheme. An incentive is that the class with the highest word count at the end of the term will be able to nominate a Year 6 teacher for a forfeit. Last year saw Mr Tucker complete the ice bucket challenge. Mr Sohal had to dress up a as a woman and sing a nursery rhyme. Mr Thorpe had to eat as many dry crackers as he could in an allotted amount of time and Miss Giles was the recipient of a custard pie in the face! Please encourage your children to read.  Keep an eye out for a regular update of results!


In addition to reading at home, your child should be coming home with a ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ spelling sheet every Monday. There will be a spelling test towards the end of each week.  The spelling sheets for each week are available at the bottom of the Year 6 page.


Learning Logs will be sent out every other week as either two activities or one double-page spread. Your child can also supplement their learning by logging onto the Mymaths website.


With SATs tests on the horizon, many parents are asking how to support their child further. We kindly request that you DO NOT use the 2018 and 2019 SATs papers as these are the basis of our mock SATs and may skew results. We also use the CGP 10 Minute SAT buster book 1 for Numeracy. There are many useful revision guides available at local bookshops and on the internet including CGP, Rising Stars and Scholastic. There are also some useful resources which can be found at the bottom of the Year 6 page.


Finally, we’d like to give a quick reminder about school uniform. Winter uniform should be worn by the children, which includes: grey trousers or skirt; a white shirt and tie; a red jumper or cardigan; and black, sensible, school shoes (not boots). Leggings are not permitted.


In addition to this, children will need: a plain white t-shirt; black shorts; and plimsolls for indoor P.E. sessions as well as a black tracksuit and trainers for outdoor P.E. sessions.

It is the end of an era as we say goodbye to our current year 6 pupils and they sing a farewell to us! Curie

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The end of this academic year is nearly upon us! Unfortunately, our year 6 pupils missed out on a great deal of fun and activities. However, they were cooled off with the annual water fight which turned out to be a great success!

Thank you to those who have contributed to 'Wear a Hat with Flowers Day'. The year 6 students have been extremely creative with their efforts. Thank you all for you contributions made to the brain tumour research fund and there is a link added if you wish to make a contribution to this important cause.

15/05/2020 - These uncertain times have caused many changes.  The way we are engaging in our learning is changing.  However, many of us have looked past the doom and gloom and have remained resilient and creative.  A massive WELL DONE to all for keeping up with your learning and to celebrate this, the following are 'Great Examples' of work that have been completed by our Year 6 students.  Everybody should take inspiration from the creations that have been produced from these fine young minds.  (Videos were taking ages to upload but Year 6 students can watch them through links on Google Classroom.  Sorry!)

Africa Day Videos

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African Art Day - Friday 13th March. As part of our Africa topic, visiting artist, Kwame, imparted many of his artistic skills to enhance the background, art and musical enlightenment of African history to enrich what year 6 have been learning. A fantastic day of education took place where even the seemingly impossible was actually there within everybody's grasp!

As we are studying 'Journey to Jo'burg' this term, we invited two guest speakers who used to live in South Africa during apartheid to share their experiences with us. Thank you Mrs Patel for organising that!

Coverage in Autumn 2


This half term in Literacy we will be basing our written work on two books, ‘Cogheart’ and ‘A Christmas Carol’.  In spelling we will be looking at different spelling rules including words containing the letter strings  ‘ough’ and ‘fer’ as well as silent letters.  You can support your children with their spelling at home by encouraging them to practise their words regularly and by putting them into sentences.  


The areas of maths that will be covered over this term are:

· Fractions, percentages, ratio and proportion,

· Geometry: angles and statistics,

· Measurement: area, perimeter and volume.

We will also be focussing on problem solving and reasoning skills.


Our topic of ‘Space’ will continue this half term but the children will take the lead by choosing a new planet to call home! They will choose their planet and design accommodation taking into account all their learning over the past half term in order to make the move fictitiously tenable!




I would like to remind you of the schools policy during the winter months: grey trousers/ skirt, white shirt and tie, red jumper or cardigan and black, sensible shoes, no leggings.    In addition to this, children will need: a white t-shirt, black shorts and plimsolls for indoor and black tracksuit and trainers for outdoor P.E. sessions.

Earrings, as always, must be removed for P.E. lessons on grounds of Health and Safety.


Dates of your Diary in Autumn 2


Autumn 2 starts Monday 28th October

Outdoor Learning Day – Thursday 7th November

Anti-bullying Week starts Monday 11th November

Children in Need – Friday 15th November

Year 6 Residential – Monday 25th – Wednesday 28th November

Christmas Shop – Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th November

Christmas Fair – Saturday 30th November

Christmas Jumper Day – Friday 13th December

Term ends – Friday 20th December

Spring term starts – Tuesday 7th January

Rope Swing at Norfolk Lakes

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During the Obstacle course session, children had the opportunity to swing across a naturally filled mud pool! Some were very successful. Others got a bit wet...

Slide - Blind Trail Norfolk Lakes

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At the end of the Blind Trail, children had to trust the course and embark upon a blacked out slide ride... into a huge puddle!

Blind Trail - Norfolk Lakes

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Some of the obstacles on the course proved rather difficult to get past without being able to see. Following the rope helped to an extent but using the senses was vital.

Blind Trail Norfolk Lakes - String!

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Part way through the course, pupils encountered the 'Spider's Web'. Lots of string to make their way through. However, without being able to see, this is quite a tricky task as the video proves!

Blind Trail Norfolk Lakes

Still image for this video
Before entering the trail, children got used to following one another without their usual vision.

On the 14th of November, a selection of Year 5 and 6 children were invited to take part in a two day arts project. This involved visiting Wardown Museum and learning about the hat industry. This was followed up by workshops which were run by visiting artists John Hegely and Richard Grant (aka Dreadlock Alien) where children learned different techniques of writing poetry.

Outdoor Learning day 7th November 2019 - Year 6 Maths - Orienteering

Coverage in Autumn 1


In Literacy this half term, we will be starting a new topic entitled ‘Goodbye Planet Earth’. This uses Wall-E as a springboard for children to write in a variety of genres including a persuasive text, a diary entry and a newspaper report. In spelling, we will be looking at different spelling rules including words containing the letter strings for the phoneme ‘shun’ as well as hyphenated words. You can support your child with their spelling at home by encouraging them to practise their words regularly and by putting them into sentences.


Our reading focus will be on: retrieving information, inferring meaning, understanding the author’s choice of language and deciphering the meaning of unfamiliar words. As always, support with reading at home to help with this is invaluable and greatly appreciated.  The children are expected to read at home at least 3 times a week, with the focus being not just on their ability to decipher a text, but also on their understanding. Questioning your child about what they have read will have a positive effect on their ability.


The areas of maths that will be covered over this term include:

  • place value (including understanding numbers larger than a million),
  • addition and subtraction,
  • multiplication and division,
  • calculating using decimals.

We will also be focussing on problem solving and reasoning skills.


Our topic this term is ‘Space’ and we will be focusing on gravity; day and night; the phases of the moon; and other celestial bodies. We will also spend time studying the first moon landings.



The children are looking very smart in their Autumn uniforms and we are expecting them all to maintain the very high standards that they have started with.  Please refer to our school uniform policy for details.

The weather will soon be changing and so we encourage all the children to have a suitable warm/waterproof coat for break and lunch times.



Dates for your Diary in Autumn 1


Term Starts – Tuesday 3rd September

S.T.E.M. Week – Beginning Monday 7th October

Parents Evenings – Monday 14th October and Wednesday 16th October

Half term ends – Thursday 17th October

Autumn 2 begins – Monday 28th October

Autumn 1 - Topic Sheet

STEM Week 7th October. Year 6 have been working extremley hard with their Space topic during this week. Even English lessons have a scientific flavour with the children creating a piece of writing based on their own research about an area of space of their choosing.

STEM Week - Year 6 are trying to defy gravity in Science!

Revision Resources

Lists of words that children should be expected to spell by the end of Year 6.

SPAG Resources. As part of our on-going literacy, Year 6 have been incorporating spelling, grammar and punctuation activities within literacy lessons as revision and preparation for SATs. Please have a look at the following powerpoint which includes these activities and would be a great staring point as revision for your child.

With their increasing fluency with technology, many children like to type up their work and send it via email or through the google classroom. This includes French and other Modern Foreign Languages. The following is a help sheet which details how to type accents when adding them to letters. I hope you find this useful. Madame Till.