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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2


Year 2 Information Booklet

Newsletter Year 2 Summer 2


Welcome back to the last half term of this year. It really is incredible how fast the time has gone and how much the children have progressed since September. We hope to make the last few weeks full of enjoyable learning and memories of year 2. This half term the overall topic title is ‘Inspirational People’ (please see topic overview sheet). May I just take this opportunity to say thank you for all the beautiful flowers brought in last half term, this has really improved the aesthetics of our school grounds. Also thank you for your on going support with the work you do with your child at home. Finally, I would like to thank they year 2 staff for all their hard work and dedication to ensuring the children have a happy experience of year 2, learn new skills and knowledge and progress well.

Maths - In maths this half term we will be applying our mathematical skills to solve a range of mathematical problems and investigations. Understanding in all areas of maths, such as measure, number and shape will be needed to reason through and calculate these challenging tasks.

Numbers Club – This time Numbers Club will be 20 mixed questions from the 2, 3,5,and 10 times tables. These are the times tables children are expected to know by heart at the end of year 2. Practise with these at home really helps the children’s scores on Friday tests. Remember there are many ways to practise these, and on line games are very useful.

Literacy – Our literacy lessons this half term are based around the book ‘Dog on a Train’ by Kate Prendergast. This is a picture book with no words, which encourages the children to look closely and think more deeply about what is happening in the story. The children will be asked to write a diary from the dog’s point of view and also to create their own similar story about the dog with a different setting.

Spelling – This half term spelling will focus on suffixes and homophones (children will be given a spelling sheet to take home).

Hour of Reading – We will look at some non-fictional texts relating to inspirational people and ask the children to retrieve facts about their lives. We will also focus on two authors Oliver Jeffers and Roald Dahl.

Learning Log Dates

Given out from school

Retuned to school

Monday June 10th

Wednesday June 19th

Monday June 24th

Wednesday July 3rd

Monday July 8th

Wednesday July 17th


Diary Dates

Registration running will continue this half term, weather permitting!

Year 2 dates –

Wednesday 12th June

Wednesday 26th June

Wednesday 10th July


12th – 14th June – Father’s day shop. (Wednesday 12th for year 2)


17th – 21st June – Arts week


19th June – Bushmead Proms


20th June – School photographs


29th June - Summer fair


2nd July – FS & KS1 – Sports day (during the afternoon, further details to follow)


8th & 9th July – Year 2 trip to Roald Dahl Museum (more details to follow shortly)


12th July – FOBS discos & end of year reports to parents


18th & 19th July – Year 2 end of year performance (times to be announced soon)


23rd July – Last day of term






Would you like to learn a musical instrument? 


In Year 2 and 3 we have the Luton Music Service come and talk to us about learning to play an instrument at school. It was lovely to watch the children who already learn and instrument play and they even let us have a go! If your child is interested in learning to play an instrument, please pop to the school office to collect a letter with all of the information. 

Roald Dahl trip


As part of our 'Inspirational People' topic, we went on a school trip to the Roald Dahl museum. We enjoyed hearing the storytellers sharing some of our favourite parts of the Roald Dahl stories. It was great fun exploring the different rooms in the museum. The shadow room was very dark and then a light flashed, leaving our shadows on the wall. The green screen was great fun too! Have a look through our photos and see if you can recognise any of the Roald Dahl stories. 

The teachers were all very proud of the children and how well they behaved. What a lovely day we all had! 

Keeping Healthy 


In Year 2, we have been learning about keep our bodies healthy. We have been taking part in exercise and making delicious healthy wraps. We used peelers, graters and knives to carefully cut the vegetables and cheese. They were delicious! 

Summer Term 1 Newsletter


Welcome back to a new term. This Summer term will obviously begin with practising skills required for the SATS papers, these tests will be taken over two weeks and will be completed by Friday 10th May. These ‘quizzes’ are approached in a calm way at school and are communicated to the children as a ‘chance to show all that they know’. The tests are not designed to worry children or cause them any distress, and children are encouraged just to do their best.

After SATS, we will be re-visiting each area of maths to ensure knowledge and understanding is consolidated, and also developing reasoning and problem solving skills.

Guided reading lessons will continue with an emphasis on reading more challenging texts with fluency and expression, and comparing and contrasting books.

In literacy, we are planning to undertake a Goldilocks project, which looks at the well -known story from different points of view and presented using different genres.

The topic title for the Summer Term is ‘Inspirational People’. At the end of the half term we will be looking at the work of David Attenborough.

This half term, Relationships Education will be taught within the context of the pupil’s science lessons. In year two, we will look at the differences between males and females, life cycles and naming body parts of humans and animals.

You can continue to support your children at home, by practising times tables, in particular the three times table, and also by logging onto Mymaths. Many people have been successfully using BugClub, which compliments the school reading scheme well.

Outdoor Learning Day


Year 2 had a lovely time celebrating Outdoor Learning Day. Thank you to everyone who donated a beautiful plant or flower. We had a great time planting them. We got very messy but it was worth as the flowers look beautiful. 

We also enjoyed our Teddy Bear's Picnic as a treat for our hard work this half term, especially with our quiz booklets. 

We hope you have a lovely break and we look forward to seeing the children for the last part of the school year! 

Crime Scene


There has been a break in! The children have become detectives this week as they have worked hard to solve the crime. We have been collecting evidence, writing crime reports, police appeals and recounts of the crime. We have worked hard to find the key suspects and we have even interviewed them to decide if they are guilty or not guilty. Who do you think it was? How do you know? 



Wow! What a busy couple of weeks we have had! The Year 2 children have worked very hard completing their quiz books for Maths and Reading. All of the Year 2 teachers are feeling very proud of their classes. We were so impressed with how well behaved and grown up the children were during their quiz times and it was great to see all of the children putting in their best efforts. The teachers will all have a big smile on their faces over the weekend and we hope the children will too! Well done again to Beech, Aspen, Willow and Cedar Classes! :) 

Picture 1

Bug Club 


Well done to the children who have had a go at Bug Club at home. Some of us have also had a go at school and we have really enjoyed reading the books and completing the activities. 

These books are a lovely resource that you can use at home in addition to your reading books. Type 'Bug Club' in to Google and then select 'Active Learn Login'. 

Your teacher has given you a username, password and a four letter school code on a letter. Enter these details in the fields provided, then select the "Log in" button. Don't worry if you can't find your letter, just pop and see your teacher and they will be able to find this again for you. 

We hope you enjoy Bug Club as much as we do!



We have been looking at how animals, including humans, change and grow. During our science lessons we have matched adult animals to their young and discussed the changes that happen. Did you know that when a lizard is born or hatched, it has to look after and care for itself? However, mammals look after their young by feeding them and keeping them safe. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Welcome to Bug Club!

Welcome to Bug Club! 1

We are very lucky to be able to introduce you to Bug Club, an online reading programme that we have recently purchased. Bug Club will complement our existing reading scheme so your child will still bring home their home/school reader and reading record. Books will still be changed as they are currently.


Teachers have been busy this week allocating books to your child’s log in so that when you access Bug Club you can jump straight into reading and explore a range of books. Any books allocated to your child will be stored in ‘My Stuff’.  Throughout the books there are quiz questions for your child to complete. To answer a question, just click on the bug icon. Your child does not need to finish all the quiz questions in one sitting and can come back to a book later.


When your child has finished all the quiz questions in a book, he or she will earn ‘Active Learn Coins’. By reading more books, your child will earn enough coins to ‘buy’ a reward in one of the many reward zones online. The answers to the quiz questions will be sent back to our teacher site so that we can see how your child is progressing.


We will also be able to assign more books for your child to read if the virtual book bag is running low.  This will be done on a half termly basis, so if your child finishes the books allocated before the May half term holiday we would encourage them to go back and re-read their favourite books that they have read, these will be stored in ‘My Library’ within the Bug Club programme. They will also still have their reading books sent home from our reading scheme to read alongside those accessed through Bug Club.


You will get some more information sent home with your child today that further explains the programme, how to access it and get logged on. When you are logged on please explore the ‘grown up section’ for some ideas for how you can support your child’s reading at home.


We hope that you and your child will love these books and enjoy reading them at home.


We will organise information sessions for parents to further explore Bug Club after the Easter Break.  Dates and times will follow.

Mrs Scarrott and Mrs Toyer

Year 2 Information Booklet

Newsletters and Topic Sheets

Year 2 Information 

Easter visit to the church 


What a beautiful day it was! The sun was shining as we walked to St John's Methodist church. When we arrived, we all settled down and listened to the Easter story. We were then taken around in small groups to look at the props from the story. We also had time to make Easter cards. When it was time to leave, we were each given a Palm Cross. The Palm Cross is used for Palm Sunday celebrations before Easter to remember Jesus' entry into Jerusalem just a few days before His Crucifixion. 

Great Barrier Reef artwork 


In Year 2, we have been learning about mixing colours. We then used our art skills to create a Great Barrier Reef scene. It was great using all of the facts we have learnt so far to create coral and fish that we have seen in videos and books. 

Book Week 


Thank you to everyone who dressed up as their favourite book character or shared a prop from their favourite story. It was great to see all of the different characters. 

We received lots of lovely 'book in a box' challenges. They are all displayed around the school. Below are a few of the creations. 


During Book Week, we became authors and illustrators. We wrote our own Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, titled 'How the birds got their colours'. We then used a variety of skills and techniques to create the art work for out books. They look fantastic!! 

Parent Workshops


Thank you to everyone who came to our workshops. We hope you found the sessions useful. Don't worry if you couldn't make, we sent the children home with all of the information discussed in their book bags. We have also attached this below. 


We are studying the story ‘Leaf’ by Sandra Diekmann, which is a beautifully told story about a Polar bear who finds himself transported on a block of ice to the edge of a wood, due to his own habitat melting. Using this story, we will explore the character’s thoughts and feelings, write a letter, create a story with a similar story and produce leaflets about animals.

Spelling and Grammar

Every child should have taken home a spelling sheet for this half terms spellings. These words are linked to the concepts being taught in class. This half term the spelling focus are suffixes ly, ful, ness and ment. In addition to this, compound words and the use of the apostrophe for contracted words will be taught.


We will continue with Number Club this half term with the weekly test on a Friday. This half term, the focus is the 2 times table. It is expected, that children will be able to answer 2x table questions rapidly and in a random order. Thank you for your support at home with practising times tables, we are really proud of the children’s progress with these, seeking their weekly scores improving each time. This half term the maths focus is as follows:

Week 1: 2D Shape. Names and properties of 2D shapes, sorting shapes using Venn diagrams and recognising a vertical and horizontal line of symmetry.

Week 2: 3D shape. Names and properties of 3D shapes, including faces, edges and vertices. Sorting shapes using Carol diagrams.

Week 3: Choose and use appropriate standard units to estimate and measure length/height in any direction (m/cm) to the nearest appropriate unit, using rulers and scales.  Compare and order length and mass and record the results using < and >.

Week 4: Measurement: Mass and capacity

Choose and use appropriate standard units to estimate and measure mass and capacity to the nearest appropriate unit, using rulers and scales.

Compare and order mass and capacity and record the results using >, < and =.

Week 5 & 6: Money. Combine amounts to make a particular value.

Safer Internet Day 


During Safer Internet Day, we learnt about making choices online. Below are some of our posters that we made to promote and understanding of how to say 'yes' and 'no' online and what we should do to keep safe. We also took part in the PurpleMash safer internet day quiz along with thousands of other schools. 


Here is a link to take you to the Safer Internet Day TV page- https://www.saferinternet.org.uk/safer-internet-day/safer-internet-day-2019/sid-tv-2019

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10



In Literacy we have been reading Leaf. We have been getting to know the story really well in preparation to write our own versions of the story. We have been acting out different scenes in the book as well as creating freeze frames. This has helped us think about how the characters are feeling in the different scenes. 

Year 2 Continents Day 


We had a lovely day on Wednesday. We dressed in clothes from around the world and took part in lots of different activities. 

Each classroom was set up as a different continent. In Willow Class we learnt about Asia, in Beech Class we learnt about Europe, in Cedar Class we learnt about South America and in Aspen Class we learnt about Africa. We had a great time taking part in many different styles of activities. Take a look at the photos below to see what we got up to :) 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24

Happy New Year 


Happy New Year to all our children and parents and we hope you enjoyed your holiday time.  Also thank you very much for the kind gifts the staff received before the Christmas break, they are very much appreciated.  We are now looking forward to starting a new term with lots of new learning and activities.

Thank you Year 2 for your contributions to Luton Foodbank!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Winter Art


In Year 2, we have been making beautiful art work. We followed lots of different steps to create our beautiful winter scenes. We started off by painting our card with water. We then added blue and purple paint. We left them to dry and then finally we adding our tree silhouette and snowflakes. 

Church Visit


In RE, we have been learning about special places and special times. We have learnt about Mosques, Synagogues, Gurdwaras and Mandhirs. We have also talked about our own special places and celebrations and shared why they are special to us. 

On Wednesday, we went to visit St John's church. We had a lovely walk down and took part in a nativity quiz and some arts and crafts activities. On the way back, we got a little bit wet from the rain... We didn't mind as we were too busy talking about the great time we had. 


All of the children behaved beautifully on the trip and walked very sensibly to and from the church. Well done Year 2! 

Science Museum Trip 


What a fantastic day we had! The children behaved beautifully and were so enthusiastic throughout the whole trip. We had a great time at the materials workshop, learning about the different properties of materials. It was really funny and we enjoyed interacting with the actors. We also spent some time looking at different materials in the materials gallery. We also enjoyed looking at the flight gallery. It was great to see the Wright Flyer as we have learnt all about the Wright Brothers at school. We were able to use all of the facts that we have learnt at school to compare the different glider and aeroplanes.  The children also had a look around the space gallery. It was amazing listening to all of the facts. We even saw a real piece of the moon! 

Year 2 Reading Workshop 14.11.18 and 16.11.18.


Thank you to all parents that attended.  We hope you found the information useful.

Please see the slide show below that Mrs Bower used during the session.

Anti Bullying week


We have been wearing odd socks today to raise awareness of anti bullying week. We started the week by talking about what bullying is and strategies to help if people are unkind to us. We have been talking a lot about respect and how to treat others. 

Picture 1

Fire Fighters 

We have been very lucky this week. The fire fighters from Stopsley Fire Station came to visit us. We learnt about how to keep safe in our homes and about how to call the emergency services. They fire fighters taught us two different rhymes. 'Stop, drop and roll' and 'Matches, lighters, never touch. They can hurt you very much.' Some of us then got to go out and have a go at using the hoses to spray water. We got soaked! 

Pumpkin Soup 


We have now started reading Pumpkin Soup. During our Literacy lessons, we have become reporters. When we came to school on Tuesday, we noticed some pumpkins outside our classrooms. We wrote some questions to ask members of the public, to help us find who left the pumpkins. We think it was the duck as he ran away from home when his friends would not letting him stir the pumpkin soup. We even had a go at recording our news reports. Have you seen the duck? 

Number Club News


Well done to all year two pupils who have worked so hard on learning their number bonds to 20 for Numbers Club. In each class, staff and pupils have encouraged and celebrated everyone’s achievements. House points will be awarded for children who have achieved full scores three times and also those pupils who have made the biggest improvement with their scores. The children have been very motivated to increase their score and we are very proud to see the progress they have made.

We will be now be focusing on mixed questions relating to the ten times table.

For example

4 x 10 = 

7 x 10 = 

Useful Websites 


Thank you to all the parents and families who came to see us at parents evening! It was really nice to meet you and have a chat about your children. 


We had lots of people asking if there are any websites or books that they can use at home to support with Year 2 work. Below, we have listed some useful websites and links for books. These are just ideas to support at home if you feel you need them. Please don't see them as an extra thing to do! 
We hope that you also find the handouts we provided useful. 

If you have any questions, please pop and see us :) 












STEM Week 


Wow! What a fantastic week! Thank you very much to the parents and visitors who have been in to visit us during our STEM week. It was very interesting to hear about different jobs and it has really inspired us to think about what we would like to be when we grow up. 

During the week, we have been inventors. On Thursday afternoon, we explored with batteries and wires. It was a challenge to make the bulb glow but with a little teamwork, we all managed it. We also had a go at constructing with nuts and bolts, building with Lego and painting our own inventions. 
We hope you enjoy our photos :) 



Wow! What a busy week we have had in Year 2. We have worked hard in Numeracy to order and compare numbers. In Science, we have been looking at different materials that are used to make different objects. In Topic, we have enjoyed learning about the Wright Brothers. We looked at evidence and artefacts and discussed what they tell us about past events. In Literacy, we invented our wings. As we made the wings, we wrote a word bank of bossy verbs. We then used our word banks to support us when we wrote our very own instructions for 'How to make wings for a crow'. I wonder what we can invent next week. 

Here are some photos of us inventing our wings. We hope you enjoy them. 

Writing Instructions 


In Year 2, we have been reading Izzy Gizmo. She loves to invented things, but her inventions don't always work quite the way she wants them to. We have been looking at the features of instructions and we have even had a go at writing our own instructions. This week, we wrote instructions for 'How to make a jam sandwich'. Next week, we will be making our own inventions, just like Izzy Gizmo, and we will be writing instructions for them. Please bring in any junk modelling that you have at home. Thank you :) 

Science - Materials


In Year 2, we have been explore materials. We have been sorting materials in different ways, looking at their properties. We had a go at talking about which object was the 'odd one out' and gave a reason for our answer. 

Our materials vocabulary
Picture 1
Picture 2
Magic Key Adventures - Lots of fun and games while learning about words and writing.