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Bushmead Primary School

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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2


Welcome to Year 2 2021 - 2022

Spring 1 News

Home Learning Ideas Maths and English Spring Term

Home Learning ideas for science, topic and creative subjects

Geography worksheet naming the continents

Science worksheet - Need for Survival

Autumn 2nd News 2021

Year 2 Kindness stories for Anti-Bullying Week 2021

Autumn 1st 2021 News

Year 2 2020 - 2021 (last academic year)

Summer 1 Information

Summer 1 Cross Curricula information

Summer 1 Spelling list

Spring 2 Newsletter

How to edit a PDF document

Spring 1 Newsletter

50 activities for when isolating at home - Autumn Term

We recognise that times at the moment are challenging and unique, with many pupils being unable to attend school. These 50 activities are designed for pupils who are unable to attend school due to self isolation at home, not as homework for pupils who are attending school every day. These activities provide useful ideas for covering some of the school curriculum in an interesting and easily accessible way. There are ten ideas for each curriculum area and each piece of underlined text has a hidden hyperlink, so when pressed will take you immediately to the website containing that teaching resource. Please note you need to download the document for the links to work (the above is just an image of the document).

Download the 50 aciviities here

Autumn 2 News

Autumn 2 Subject Overview

Year 2 Phonics Screening 

Phonics Screening is used to assess a child's progress in understanding and applying the sounds used when reading, and to ensure that every child is making sufficient progress with their phonics skills in order to become fluent readers.

Year 1 children usually take the phonics screening check in early June. However, due to school closures the check did not take place this year. Instead, schools are required to check pupils in year 2 by the end of the Autumn term. At Bushmead Primary School, this will happen during two weeks starting from the 30th of November.

The Phonics Screening consists of forty words, some of which are 'alien' words (not real words). The children will be required to sound out each part of the word and then blend the sounds together to read the whole word. The children will be screen individually in a quiet room with a teacher. 

Every day at school we have been preparing the children for this through our Phonics lesson and the children are very familiar with the methods used. If you would like to prepare your child further for the Phonics Screening, your can practice reading the sounds and then blending them together. However, it is crucial that the children use the true, exact sounds otherwise this could lead to confusion for the child and errors being made.The following weblinks provide all the information needed, please scroll down the webpage to watch the video showing a child saying the sounds correctly, this is really worth a watch. One of the weblinks also provide an example paper of the Phonics Screening. 



Anti- bullying week

Year 2 News Autumn 1st Half Term

Year 2 Cross Curricular Information

Goodbye Video from the year 2 staff

Still image for this video

Year 2- Home Learning 


We hope you enjoy taking part in the activities below. We will be posting activities daily. 
If you are viewing the documents on a mobile phone, click on the link and select 'view'. 

Please let us know if you have any problems. 


Below, you will see the methods we use in maths at school. We encourage the children to also use these methods at home. 


Year 2 team :) 

Year 2 video 


Year 2, you have blown us away with your amazing work so far. Seeing your work and achievements makes us so proud everyday. The commitment and effort that you have put in to your learning is fantastic! 

We are missing all of you very much. We have put together a little video!

Enjoy you half term break and we look forward to hearing from you in a weeks time!

Messages from the teachers

Still image for this video

Amazing work 6th - 10th July

IMG_2223 (1).MOV

Still image for this video

Fantastic work Monday 22nd June - Friday 26th June

Holly's Blue Whale video

Still image for this video

Fabulous Work from 15th-19th June

Dahlia exercising

Still image for this video

Amazing work from Thursday 21st May

Super work from Wednesday 20th May

Amazing work from Tuesday 19th May

Wonderful work from Monday 18th May

Great work from Friday 15th May

Amazing work from Thursday 14th May

Dahlia Florence Nightingale song

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Florence song-small.mp4

Still image for this video

Wow work from Wednesday 13th May

Super work from Tuesday 12th May

Excellent work from Monday 11th May

Hanusha talks about her rocket

Still image for this video

Lucas talks about rockets

Still image for this video

Brilliant work Thursday 7th May

Wow work Wednesday 6th May

Hamza and Musa explain about orbits

Still image for this video

Super work Tuesday 5th May

Amazing work Monday 4th May

Rumaysa creating music using her computer

Still image for this video

Amelia's video

Still image for this video

Amelia singing 'Pure Imagination'.

Still image for this video

Mai's video

Still image for this video

lucas sweet advert.mp4

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Fantastic work from Friday 1st May

Super work from Thursday 30th April

Great work from Wednesday 29th April

Super work from Tuesday 28th April

Fantastic work from Monday 28th April

Super work from Friday 24th April

Brilliant work from Thursday 23rd April

Amazing work from Wednesday 22nd April

Excellent work from Tuesday 21st April

Wonderful work from Monday 20th April

Here are some messages from the Year 2 staff

Here are some messages from the children.

Amazing work from Friday 3rd April

Super work from Thursday 2nd April

Brilliant work from Wednesday 1st April

Wow work from Tuesday 31st March

Amazing work from Monday 30th March

Excellent work from Friday 27th March

Amazing work from Thursday 26th March

Wonderful work from Wednesday 25th March

Super work from Tuesday 24th March

Amazing work from Monday 23rd March

Learning at home

Mixing Colours


In Year 2, we have been learning about mixing colours. We have changed the shades of blue by adding either light or dark colours. 
We then used these skills to create the background for our Great Barrier Reef art work. 

Stories & Money 


We have been so busy in Year 2! In English we have been writing our own version of Leaf and we have then had a go at reading our stories to the class. We have worked really hard to create exciting story openers using lots of description. 


In Maths, we are learning about money and it's value. We have been using the coins to create different amounts and next week we will be having a go at giving change. 

If you are visiting the shops, it would be a lovely if the children could have a go at paying using coins and notes. 



This week we learnt sketching and layering techniques to produce a piece of art work linked to our story  'Leaf'.

Newsletters and Topic Sheets



In our music lessons we have been really lucky. We got to try lots of different instruments from the orchestra. 



Wow! What a great experience we had! The Stopsley Community Fire Service team came to visit each Year 2 class. They taught us all about keeping safe and how to contact the emergency services. We even got to see their special protective clothing and their fire truck. It was great fun spraying the water from the house, even if we did get a little wet. 


Below are a few rhymes we learnt to help us keep safe. 

'Matches, lighters, never touch. They can hurt you very much'

'Get out. Stay out. Call the fire brigade out'

'Stop. Drop. Roll'

Parent Workshops


Thank you to the parents who came to our workshops. We found it really useful and we hope you did too! The children loved being experts and showing the parents our reading comprehension skills. 

Parent's Workshop Presentation

Marvellous Mini Sing 


Congratulations to the children who took part in the Marvellous Mini Sing. You were all fantastic!

Pumpkin Soup 


In Year 2, we have been reading 'Pumpkin Soup' by Helen Cooper.

There was an argument in the old, white cabin and Duck left, taking his pumpkins with him. We found them in our outside area! We had a go at writing questions about the scene and then created our own news reports to tell the public what has gone on.

Updates and photographs :)

Invention Day 


To complete our Izzy Gizmo and History of Flight topics, we have had an invention day. We have looked at inventions from the past and talked about which invention we think is the most important. 

We then had a go at designing our own inventions. We had machines from leaf collectors to curry making machines. Year 2 then had a go at presenting their ideas to the class in a 'Dragons Den' style. 

Izzy Gizmo Wings 


To follow on from making our jam sandwiches and writing the instructions, this week we have had a go at making some wings for Fixer the bird our story, Izzy Gizmo. 

We began by using cereal boxes, straws, tape and decorations to make the wings whilst creating word banks to support with our writing. 

If you fancy making some wings, be sure to check out our English books at parents evening to see our amazing instruction writing. 

Instruction Writing 


In Year 2, we have been learning to write instructions. This week we have made jam sandwiches whilst giving verbal instructions. We then put our skills to use as we wrote our instructions. We had to include lots of different features, including bossy verbs, time connectives and adverbs.