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Bushmead Primary School

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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


Please do scroll down the page where you will see regular updates, including photos!

Year 1 Information Booklet

General information


PE days

Oak & Maple - Monday and Thursday

Ash & Hazel - Wednesday and Friday



Oak & Maple - Friday

Ash & Hazel - Thursday

Please ensure children bring their library book on these days so they can change it.


Show and tell

Children will have the opportunity, once a week, to bring in something they would like to show to the rest of the class. Only one item please, which ideally fits inside their red bag. Each class will organise this with a table group having a turn each day.

Ash  - Monday – Sharks,  Tuesday - Whales, Wednesday – Crabs, Thursday – Seahorses Friday – Seahorses

Hazel – Monday - Simba, Tuesday - Pluto, Wednesday - Baloo, Thursday -  Nemo, Friday – Bambi

Maple – Monday - Squirrels, Tuesday - Rabbit, Wednesday - Badgers, Thursday – Foxes, Friday – Hedgehogs

Oak - Monday - Lions, Tuesday - Tigers, Wednesday – Giraffes, Thursday - Kangaroos, Friday – Zebras


  • Please check that all items of clothing are clearly named.


  • We encourage the children to bring in water bottles and drink during the day. Please could bottles be named and taken home each day so the water can be changed.


  • Please continue to support us by ensuring that Learning Logs are completed on time and in school. The task set is always something that has been covered and we send home some ideas to get the children going.


  • Please encourage your child to use their logins for 'Bug Club' and ‘PurpleMash’ at home.


  • Reading regularly is fundamental for children at this age to make good progress and develop a love of books. All children read daily in school within phonics lessons, literacy and other curriculum areas to allow them to experience a wide range of genres. We aim for children to read from their individual reading scheme books once a week to an adult, although some children may read more often. Expectations are that your child will read at home as often as possible and at least three times a week. Please sign the reading record so we can change their books when we check on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Autumn 2

Phonics workshops


It was great to see so many of you at our phonics workshops which we hope you found useful and informative. The phonics after school club we are running begins on Thursday 7th November for 1Oak & 1Hazel children and parents who have signed up. After Christmas 1Ash & 1Maple will have the same opportunity.


Dates for diary

Thursday 7th November – Outdoor learning day

Week beginning 11th November - Bushmead’s anti bullying week -  We will be doing a range of activities that reinforce positive behaviour.

Friday 15th November – Children in Need – Non uniform day

18th November - Road safety awareness week

Week beginning 26th November - Christmas shop

Saturday 30th November - Christmas Fair

Friday 13th December - Christmas jumper day

Friday 20th December – Last day of term

Monday 6th January – INSET day

Tuesday 7th January – Children return to school


Learning log dates


Monday  28/10/19           Wednesday 6/11/19

Monday  11/11/19             Wednesday 20/11/19

Monday  25/11/19            Wednesday 4/12/19

Monday  9/12/19             Wednesday 18/12/19

Please continue to support us by ensuring the Learning Logs are completed by the children and in school on time.


Our school Values                                       

November – Respect

December – Appreciation



We will look at a range of fiction books based on our topic of ‘Toys’, including ‘Toy story’ and Dogger. We will also look at poems and non-fiction books based on this theme. We will explore instructions, linking these to aspects of road safety and caring for our teeth.



In maths we will continue to cover a wide range of areas including, fractions, capacity and volume, money, sequencing and sorting and time.

If you would like to support your child at home we would suggest practical activities; looking for numbers around them such as house numbers, odd and even numbers, prices at the shops, cooking activities using language such as more and less.  Many children these days also struggle to recognise and use coins as we often tend to use plastic at the shops!  Giving your child a mixture of coins to sort and recognise the value will be of benefit to them.



Our topic is ‘Toys’ this half term. Please see overview for further details.

Reminder - 


As part of our topic on 'Toys' we would like the children to bring in a favourite toy on Monday, 28th October 2019. The toy will be in school for a few days and the children will be sharing them with others during lessons, so please don't send in anything too precious, expensive, large or anything electrical.

Autumn 1

Year 1 are planning an autumn walk in the local area. On Tuesday 8th October classes Oak and Ash, and on Wednesday 9th classes Hazel and Maple will be going for a short time during the morning. Please send a pair of wellies for your child in a named carrier bag.

Dates for this half term

Year 1 Registration Run Wednesdays - 18th Sept, 2nd Oct and 16th Oct.

7th-11th October- STEM week

8th October 9:20 - 10:30 am - Phonics workshop for Ash & Hazel parents. A Parentmail has been sent with details and sign up form.

10th October 9:20 - 10:30 am - Phonics workshop for Oak & Maple parents. A Parentmail has been sent with details and sign up form.

14th & 16th October- Parents Evening

18th October- Staff training day

21st- 25th - Half Term Break

28th October – Autumn 2 term starts



Each term we look at a range of books, both fiction and non fiction. This half term we will be sharing Elmer by David McKee, Handa’s surprise by Eileen Browne and Peace at Last by Jill Murphy among others. These stories will be linked to our work on the senses. At the end of the half term we will focus on a poetry unit of work, again based on our senses and autumn. 


The children will also be working in phonics groups daily to develop their phonic knowledge at a level and pace appropriate to meet their needs.


We continue to work on developing the children’s cursive handwriting style, ready to join letters in Year 2.



We will be covering a variety of mathematical activities this half term including, number & place value, length & weight, addition & subtraction and shape. We aim to help the children understand that numbers and other areas of maths are all around us and are part of our everyday experiences. After a whole class introduction, the activities will be differentiated to meet the needs of all the children.  We try to apply much of our maths work to real life situations and simple problem solving to make it meaningful for the children.

Please see the link for all the other subjects within the topic overview for this half term.

Looking for signs of Autumn in our local area.

We took part in different investigations, working together to try and answer questions posed and make our own discoveries.

As part of our work on the sense of hearing we made our own instruments.

As part of our work on the sense of hearing we made our own instruments. 1
As part of our work on the sense of hearing we made our own instruments. 2
As part of our work on the sense of hearing we made our own instruments. 3

Our Year 1 outside area in use!

A huge thank you to FOBs for match funding our wonderful new Year 1 canopy, with an extra thank you to Charlotte for tidying up our area too! The children are enjoying having more opportunity to learn outside thanks to your generosity.

Measuring time!


As part of our 'All about me' topic we have explored using different medium to create portraits.


Computing 1
Computing 2
The children are growing in confidence with logging on and accessing programs on Purple Mash. They have all been sent home with their details so can use the resource at home too.

A busy first week back!

‘Drop in evening’ on Monday 9th September after school, an opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and see their classroom. We look forward to meeting you!


Welcome to Year 1 at Bushmead Primary School. We hope you all had a lovely summer. The Year 1 team are all looking forward to helping the children ensure a smooth and happy transition from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 1.


The first few days and weeks back are always busy but we have been very pleased at how quickly the children have already settled into life and routines in Year 1. Seeing the children around school it's hard to believe it is only the first week back, they certainly seem very grown up and should feel proud of themselves!


Although the Year 1 rooms, timetable and curriculum may appear quite different to aspects of Foundation Stage our lessons build on the work the children have previously done. We incorporate whole class teaching, independent, small group activities and teacher directed tasks, and we certainly don’t expect the children to all be sitting doing one task for a whole lesson! We include lots of practical, first hand, experiences and games with opportunities still to 'learn through play' to help maintain interest, develop language skills and understanding of topics.


Mrs Anderson, Year 1 Leader

Please reference the Key Stage 1 booklet as it contains key information and hopefully will answer any questions you may still have!

Year 1 Tricky Words

Year 1 Phonics

Sound Pronunciation Guide

Still image for this video
Here is a little video clip demonstrating how to correctly say the sounds in Phonics.

Information about the different phonics phases

Here are some ideas to help your child with Phonics at home. Below are some games we play at school and some useful website links. 



Silly Soup

Have a bowl and a spoon. Ask children to make your soup yummy by putting objects or pictures with your selected sound in the soup.  Any items that don't start with your initial sound will make the sound disgusting. As you mix the soup, sing;

We're making lots of silly soup,

We're making soup that's silly.

We're going to put it in the fridge,

To make it nice and chilly.


Cross the river

'Can we cross the river Mr Crocodile?' 'Only if your item starts with...'

Children to have a picture card or an item. If their picture starts with the initial sound you have called, they can attempt to cross the river. The adult is the crocodile who is very hungry and attempts to catch the children.



Have a grid with four or six words. Children to cross the words as they are called. When all the words off, children call 'bingo'. This game can also be played with sounds or tricky words.



Have a selection of words or sounds in the middle. When a sound or word is called, it's a race to splat it as quick as possible. The first player to splat the word or sound is the winner.


Tricky Words

Tricky words are words which we can not use our phonics to decode. We must learn them by sight. At school we learn these by playing games, such as bingo, splat and snap.


Useful website links