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Bushmead Primary School

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Weekly Topic tasks

Weekly topic task sheet

DT: Where does food come from?


This week in DT, we will be thinking about where food comes from!

Where do you think food comes from? Does it all come from the kitchen? From the shops? From the delivery man? Let’s get those thinking hats on and discuss it together!


Watch the videos, ‘Where food comes from’ and ‘Animals and Plants’, where Miss Begum will be talking all about it!


Our activities this week will involve lots of sorting and testing your knowledge about food origins!

Can you use the word mats (or make your own!) and sorting cards to sort the food into the correct places? You will find the ‘Sorting Food Activity’ PDF’s on the web page. 


At some point this week you may also like to take a little visit to the kitchen! Find and collect 10 different food items in the kitchen and sort them into where they may have come from. 

Animals or plants? Which animals do you know? Which plants? Does it come from both?


You can use the ‘Food origin’ cards to help you sort (or think about what foods you can find in the kitchen) or you might like to draw your own sorting table.

 Does milk come from plants? Do apples come from cows?

Have a go at sorting and have lots of fun whilst doing it! Take lots of pictures of the food you have sorted and please show us too!

Topic - Where Does Food Come From

Topic - Animals and Plants

COMPUTING: Keyboard Typing Skills


Ready to learn all about typing?

Before we get into typing, we need to know how to sit correctly when we use the keyboard. Posture (how we sit) is very important. Watch this video on the following link to see how to correct your posture: https://static.purplemash.com/mashcontent/applications/videos/2diy/2type_Posture_Tips/posture_tips.mp4                                                                                                                             

Here is another video for you to watch, are they all sitting correctly? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Whhf55No15U 

Before we start practising our typing, we need to learn about the keys on the keyboard. Watch the video below to learn all about the Top, Home, and Bottom Row Keys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5ZpQpJhz5A 


On Purple Mash there are some 2do’s set for you. You are going to start off by practising to use the correct fingers whilst typing using the Home Row Keys = 2do: 1 - Home Row Keys. The keyboard shows you which fingers to use. See if you can rest them in the right places.

Then practise typing a little more on the ‘Home Row’ on the following link: https://www.dancemattypingguide.com/dance-mat-typing-level-1/stage-1/ 

Next have a go at typing on the ‘Top Row’ and the ‘Bottom Row’ Keys.                                                            2do: 2 - Top Row Keys & 2 - Bottom Row Keys.

Once you are confident with the keys, have a go at completing 2do: First High Frequency Words.


If you enjoyed typing, you can visit Purple Mash, Tool, 2Type. There you will find many more keyboard typing activities for you to try!


Don’t forget you can use your typing skills to leave us a message on our Purple Mash Blog pages too. 



Mrs Coombes, our music teacher has provided us with another great lesson for the children to complete this week. Enjoy!


PE:  What’s happening this week?