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Bushmead Primary School

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Weekly Topic Tasks

SCIENCE: Materials / DT 


Starter: Recap materials and their properties.


Watch this video to help you remember the properties or if you are feeling confident go straight to Miss Mardle’s guessing game!


Can you guess what is inside the box? You could have a go at guessing what is inside your own box at home too. Can you find anything that is made from wood and metal to help Miss Mardle complete all the materials?



Main: This week we are looking at joining materials, this moves on from Science a little into Design Technology (DT). Watch the video to find out about joining and the main task.



Have a think about what you plan to make... The rules are:


1. You must use the joining process in your making and recyclable materials are preferred.

2. Decide what you are going to make. This could be any item from a traditional tale - it is up to you! It could be a bed for a baby bear or perhaps a giant chair. What will you choose to make?

3. Maybe plan/design what you are making so you can follow your idea. Draw the picture and label what materials you plan to use or maybe you could talk about the thought process of your design. Why did you use those joining methods, what materials did you use?


There is an extra story video which you might like to watch ‘The three Billy Goats Gruff’.

Maybe you could design a bridge for the goats to cross? Will it be a quiet bridge to make sure the troll doesn’t notice them crossing the bridge?


The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Still image for this video

COMPUTING: Traditional tales 


Starter - Can you guess the traditional tales?

Put the powerpoint into the slide show view and go through trying to guess the story.                      How many can you guess right?


Main task - For Computing this week you will be making up your own traditional tales. 

You will need to log into Purplemash and go to the 2Dos section. Click on “2Do: Traditional tales. Once on the program, you will be required to make up your own traditional tale using pictures and sentences. You can use characters from other traditional tales and put them in different stories or completely make it up. 

In the powerpoint, you can see how to use the program and ways of changing what the characters look like. Maybe you could create yourself as a clipart and be the hero in your own story. 

Don’t forget to save your work so your teachers can see the finished story. 

Week 4 Music - Year 1



I wonder what the PE team will have planned for us this week!