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Bushmead Primary School

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Weekly Topic Task

Weekly Topic Tasks

DT: Oliver’s Fruit Salad


This week in Topic we will be continuing to learn about food. Our main focus will be fruits and vegetables this week. Take a walk around your kitchen. What sort of fruits and vegetables can you see? You might want to make a tick list. Look carefully! Are there fruits and vegetables in different types of food like in cans or in something your grown ups have made?


We are going to start off this week by sharing a story called ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’. 

As you are listening to the story maybe have a think about if you know the fruits that come up and which fruits you like the most!



Using Oliver as an inspiration, this week you are going to make a fruit salad! Which means if you have no fruits at home, you may need to ask your grown ups to get some! 

It can be any fruit you like and it can be as colourful as you like.


Watch the next video demonstrating how to make fruit salad and being safe when using a knife!




(If you would prefer to create a vegetable dish instead you can! Last week we looked at Oliver’s Vegetables. What did he make? What could you make? You could create a vegetable soup rather than a fruit salad. The video will still touch upon knife safety so please watch as well.)


You can follow along with this video or make some notes with your grown up. Please take some pictures whilst you are cooking or you could record yourself cooking!


Here is a game that you also might like to play. 

‘What am I?- Can you guess what fruit or vegetable it is?’


COMPUTING - Keyboard Skills


Last week we started looking at keyboard skills. We are going to carry on practising our skills this week and using all those skills you have learnt to type up something special!


Start off by playing the ‘2 Pop Game’ on Purple Mash. 

Then for some extra practice go on to ‘2Type’ and then find ‘Words from A to Z’. 

You can practise typing different words.

You will find these in ‘Home - Tools - 2Type’.

Now we will move on to focussing on typing capital letters and full stops and using the spacebar.

A 2do has been set up for you called ‘Capital Letters and Full Stops’ and ‘Space Bar’. 

See how far your skills have come. Soon you will be typing full sentences!

For an extra challenge, try typing 2do: numbers 0 to 9.




Mrs Coombes, our music teacher has provided us with another great lesson for the children to complete this week. Enjoy!




PE:  What’s happening this week?