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Bushmead Primary School

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The Arts

Arts Week July 2021

We've had a wonderfully colourful week, singing rainbow songs with signing, designing plates with the colours of the rainbow and creating Art work based around a colour.


In music, we've been creating performances showcasing our skills on the ukulele, drums and percussion.


We hope you enjoy looking at all the Art week and the musical performances. What wonderful, talented children we have at Bushmead! We are so proud of the work you have all created.

Bushmead paints all the colours of the rainbow!

Each Year Group focused on a different colour and different artists. Every child was asked to make their own marks on a paper plate using a variety of shades and tones. Each plate is different and special, just like every child at our school.
Year 3 and 4 children learnt to sing 'Over the Rainbow' which is played over the top of the photos that show all the wonderful art work achieved through the week.

Our rainbow corridor

Yellow and Blue Class - Rainbow Song Performance

Arts Week - July 2021

Rainbow Photography Competition

Year 3 Music

Still image for this video

Year 3 Music

Still image for this video

Year 5 Music

Still image for this video

Art Gallery 5

What a phenomenal response we have had this week from you fabulous artists! It is wonderful to see you all being creative with drawing, painting, sculpting and photographing. We are so very proud of you and keep it going! 

A very talented artist from Year 5


Such a lovely start to the week, being shown a fabulous drawing from Rayan in Year 5. Such beautiful observed work and attention to detail. Well done. 

Art Gallery 5

Still image for this video

Art Gallery 4

Yet again, our amazing pupils have created such beautiful artwork at home this week. It is so lovely to see so many styles and techniques being used. We are very proud of you all and keep it up! 

Art Gallery 4

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Art Gallery 3

Again, a wonderful response from so many of you this week and some beautiful and amazing pieces of artwork . Thank you! Please keep sending them to Miss Kiff ready for Art Gallery 4 next week. 

Art_Gallery_3_480p (1).mp4

Still image for this video

Art Club Gallery 2

We have received the most amazing artwork, you are such creative and talented people!


Keep sending work to gkiff@bushmeadprimaryschool.co.uk so we can create Art Club Gallery 3 next week.


Well done everyone, enjoy and feel very proud of yourselves. 


Still image for this video

Art Club 1

Some of the amazing art work from our talented pupils. Keep sending it in!

Learn all about Vincent Van Gogh.


Listen to the story or watch the video and find out all about the amazing artist, Vincent Van Gogh. 


Have a look at some of his famous paintings. 


Can you make your own artwork, inspired by Van Gogh? Send them to me and I shall make a gallery! 

Katie And The Starry Night

KS1 and lower KS2

A story by James Mayhew. This is a great read for young children and it is wonderfully illustrated.

Who was Vincent van Gogh?


Some creative ideas for home learning...

The Arts

At Bushmead, we believe that the Arts should be central to a well-rounded education and that all children are indeed ‘an artist’. We are well resourced and aim to provide a wide range of opportunities, delivered by both teaching staff at school and external visitors or organisations. We endeavour to provide a vibrant, creative place for pupils to expand and explore their particular interests or skills. In addition, we encourage our pupils to foster an appreciation for the arts around them and develop their confidence in self-expression.


Our choir attended Young Voices in Birmingham - a wonderful event!