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Bushmead Primary School

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The Arts

The Arts

At Bushmead, we believe that the Arts should be central to a well-rounded education and that all children are indeed ‘an artist’. We are well resourced and aim to provide a wide range of opportunities, delivered by both teaching staff at school and external visitors or organisations. We endeavour to provide a vibrant, creative place for pupils to expand and explore their particular interests or skills. In addition, we encourage our pupils to foster an appreciation for the arts around them and develop their confidence in self-expression.


Our choir attended Young Voices in Birmingham - a wonderful event!

A Creative Challenge!


Each year group at Bushmead has been given a famous piece of artwork to be inspired by this term. These have been displayed around the school on our communal boards and also here on the website for you to look at home too.


We are inviting you and your parents or carers to use these to inspire your own creativity at home. Have a good look at the pictures:

What can you see?

How does it make you feel?

What do you think it’s about?


You can use your artwork to paint your own pictures, draw, and create poetry or stories or  take photographs inspired by your picture.  When you have made something, please send it to me at school (Red Room in Foundation) and the Arts Ambassadors will add your work to your year group’s display.


I look forward to seeing your creative ideas soon!

Pictures for each year group