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Bushmead Primary School

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Phase 3

Learning j

Learning j with Mrs Deacon

Learning v

Learning v with Miss Picton

Learning w part 1

Learning w with Mrs Plane

Learning w part 2

Learning w with Mrs Plane

Learning x

Learning x with Mrs Watson

Blending sounds and learning y

Blending the sounds we know to make words and sentences and then learning the y sound with Mrs Jones

Learning zz

Learning zz digraph with Miss Picton

Learning qu

Learning qu with Mrs McNaughtan

Recapping j and v

Recapping j and v with Miss Kiff

Recapping y and qu

Recapping y and qu with Miss Kiff

Recapping z and zz

Recapping z and zz with Mrs Plane

Learning ch

Learning ch with Mrs Jones

Learning sh

Learning sh with Miss Picton

Learning th

Learning th with Mrs Deacon

Recapping ch sh th

Recapping ch, sh and th with Mrs Plane

Learning 'ng'

Miss Kiff recaps ch, sh and th and teaches the 'ng' digraph

Learning 'ai'

Learning 'ee'

Learning 'igh'

Learning 'oa'

Mrs Plane teaches the new digraph 'oa'

Learning 'oo'

Mrs Billington 'oo' digraph long and short sound

Learning 'ar'

Quick introduction to words with the ar digraph. Phase 3.

Introducing 'or'