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Bushmead Primary School

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Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO)

Design a Bright Outfit Competition - December 2019

The JRSOs rolled out a competition to years 1-4 to see who could design the best bright outfit to help us keep safe during the darker months. The winning entries can be found below with the overall winner being Anaya in Year 4 with a fantastic design which all of the JRSOs loved. Well done Anaya!

Overall Winning Entry for the Design Bright Clothing Competition

Overall Winning Entry for the Design Bright Clothing Competition 1 Anaya - Year 4

Class Winning Entries for the Design Bright Clothing Competition

Cycling to School 2019

On Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th September 2019, Year 6 pupils will have the opportunity to undertake a cycling assessment by a trained Sustrans advisor. If passed, pupils will then be able to ride their bikes to school. 

Junior Road Safety Officers


During the academic year, our Junior Road Safety Officers (or JRSOs for short) will promote road safety, safe crossing and safe travel to and from school. This will be done through competitions, assemblies, undertaking research and communicating to parents through newsletters and the website. 

New Parking Signs!

New Parking Signs!  1 Parking sign by the main school entrance

Year 6 Travel to School Survey (4/4/19)


With summer approaching and an exciting new initiative potentially starting in the summer term, the JRSOs have been busy trying to find out a little bit more about methods of travel for Year 6 pupils. Below shows a breakdown of how pupils travel to school. 




Walk = 9

Drive = 11

Park and Stride = 7

Bus = 0

Scooter = 0

Bicycle = 0



Walk = 9

Drive = 15 

Park and Stride = 2

Bus = 1

Scooter = 1

Bicycle = 0



Walk = 15

Drive = 11

Park and Stride = 1

Bus = 0

Scooter = 0

Bicycle = 0



Walk = 13

Drive = 9

Park and Stride = 6

Bus = 0

Scooter = 0

Bicycle = 0


Hopefully, once the new initiative is in place, we will see a change in methods of transport being used to travel to and from school. As a school, we want to promote active forms of transport and encourage less people to travel by car to reduce traffic and congestion issues.


If you can walk, please do so. With the weather getting better, it would be the perfect time to start!

Parking and traffic around school    (29.1.19)


Dear Parents/Carers,


We are writing this in relation to the amount of traffic and issues with parking near our school. There have been a number of complaints recently made to Luton Borough Council about the issue of parking and we are asking for you to take note of our advice.


Firstly, traffic around school is terrible! It would really help if you could park further away from school entrances and nearby roads, and walk to school because there isn't enough space. It will also help if people chose to walk, cycle and scoot  because, not only will it help the amount of space for cars (and local residents' parking) but it will also help the environment.


Furthermore, it will help the children be aware of their local surroundings and it will make them healthy from the exercise that they will be doing. A teaching assistant in school is quoted as saying: "It's very hard to see people coming in the opposite direction with all the traffic and parked cars. Travelling on the roads around school can be chaotic because of it."


In addition, when parking, please take notice of the lowered curbs because people may have paid to lower the curb to make their drive accessible and easier to get out of. Please be aware of these and park on or next to raised curbs which can be found further down from houses. 


To summarise: park further away and walk; be aware of surroundings; and take notice as to whether the curb is lowered or raised.

Thank you.


Bushmead Primary School JRSOs