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Bushmead Primary School

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Monday 8th June

Well done for today. Lots of good reading for your comprehension exercise and lovely drawings of labelled plants. With pictograms remember always to look at the key, as tomorrow one symbol will represent more than one.


Tuesday 9th June 

Super work Year 2. You read the key carefully in maths and you used your knowledge of the two times tables to interpret the data. We learnt a lot about growing sunflowers from your work. Keep up the good work! 


Wednesday 10th June

We have seen more fantastic work today Year 2! You have continued to interpret the data carefully and accurately. Lots of you enjoyed identifying different flowers in your garden or nearby fields, well done for giving it a go! The answers are as follows... daisy, buttercup, dandelion, ivy, clover, nettle, rose, sunflower, iris, thistle, blossom and fern.


Thursday 11th June 

Great work today Year 2. You have done a super job of answering questions about bar charts. In English you have written some brilliant sentences which include time connectives, bossy verbs and adverbs. You have done a super job with the layout too. 

Keep up the good work everyone! 


Friday 12th June

Well done for creating your own bar charts using PurpleMash. Remember, if you draw a bar chart on paper, you need to remember: a title, labels, scale, equal widths of bars and to draw the bar chart using a ruler.