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Bushmead Primary School

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Monday 27th April

Super work today everyone. We can see that you have learnt a lot about Roald Dahl and we have enjoyed reading your facts. 

You are doing a great job with the maths arithmetic. Thank you for showing us your workings. 

It has been lovely to see the creativity in some of the Topic work. 

Remember to keep your work neat and tidy and try your best! We are really impressed with what we have seen so far so keep it up. 


Tuesday 28th April

Well done for your brilliant work today Year 2, we are very impressed with the work you are producing. It is great to see you learning new skills. 

We are glad you enjoyed watching the video clip about Charlie's birthday. We have received some fantastic diary accounts. Remember to check your work when you have finished to ensure you have used the correct punctuation throughout. 

You have all done a good job of measuring length to the nearest cm. 

Your topic work has been very creative this week! 

Keep up the good work everyone


Wednesday 29th April

We have seen very detailed diary entries that have been written in first person and in the past tense. Great work Year 2! 

Your chocolate creations have been very imaginative! So much effort has gone into designing, explaining and describing them.

It has been good to see those who have had a go at the chocolate melting experiment - it looks extremely fun. Keep sending your photos to your teachers to have a look at! 

Just for your information, some of the teachers have not been receiving emails until the early hours of the morning. This has been an issue with our email provider, gmail. If there is a delayed response, this is likely to be the reason why. Hopefully this will be sorted soon.


Thursday 30th April

Great work everybody. We have really enjoyed reading your diaries today. You have used lots of description and tried to include lots of Year 2 skills. You are doing a great job with the White Rose maths.

We have received lots of topic work throughout the week. You have been really creative, using objects from around your house to create lots of delicious looking sweets.

Well done Year 2


Friday 1st May 

A huge well done today Year 2!

You have all done a fantastic job telling us about ‘The Golden Ticket Children’.

We have loved receiving all of your topic work throughout the week. Take a look above at some of the very creative videos which have been sent to us.

Remember to all keep reading at home. Bug Club is a fantastic way to read lots of interesting and exciting books. If anybody is having trouble accessing Bug Club, please let your class teacher know.