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Bushmead Primary School

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The Wrong Trousers! 


We have been having a few issues with uniform at the moment in Reception and some of our  children have accidently taken the wrong jumpers or trousers home. We endeavor to check as far as possible that everyone has the right items, but sometimes things do get muddled up.


We would be very grateful if you could check your child's uniform items for names to see that they have brought the right ones home. Jumpers and cardigans have two labels, one at the collar and one at the bottom, parents might have written on either. If you have got something that belongs to another child, please send it back into the class teacher. 


We are asking again if you could ensure that ALL of your child's uniform is labelled clearly as this helps us return lost items quickly. 


Thank you for your support. 


Welcome to Reception



We have noticed a number of our pupils are coming to school wearing hooped earrings or earrings which hang below the earlobe.


These are not suitable for school as they may get caught during activities and result in your child being injured, something we do not wish to happen. 


We ask that if your child needs to wear earrings to school that they are small studs (those that sit on the lobe) and they should not be worn to school on the day your child has PE, we are not allowed to remove them or cover them with tape. 


Thank you for your support. 

Picture 1 Hooped earrings are not allowed at school.
Picture 2 Small stud earrings are allowed.

smileySkill of the Weeksmiley

In Reception we are working hard to become independent learners. As part of this we are going to have a 'Skill of the Week' we would like our children to practice at home. 

This weeks skill is...

using a knife and fork


Good table manners are very important at Bushmead and something all of our staff encourage.  Children are expected to use a fork to hold the food in place as they use their knife to cut.


Using a knife and fork is also very important to develop children's  fine motor skills and build hand strength. This will help with their ability to use pens and pencils for writing; scissors for cutting with and playing with smaller modelling materials such as Lego. 


Thank you for your support. 

We need boxes please! 

We are going to be designing and making 'Homes and Houses' in Reception as part of our project 'All About Me'. Please may you send in a NAMED SHOE BOX OR CEREAL BOX for your child on or before Monday 15th October. 


If you have any additional small boxes at home, we would be very grateful for these please (no larger than a cereal box). 


Thank you in advance for your help.  

Our First Few Days at Bushmead

Everyone has had lots of fun during our first few days at Bushmead, exploring our classrooms and the other areas in Reception, making new friends,  being creative and learning through our play. We thought you might like to see  photographs of some of the things we have been doing. 

Tricky Word Song


Here is the 'Tricky Word Song' that we enjoy singing in Phonics.


Still image for this video

Phonics Workshops Coming Soon! 


Soon we shall be sending out the details of our Phonics Workshops for parents, where we shall be telling you about what phonics is, what the children will be learning and how you can help your child at home. In the mean time, please find below some useful information and ideas to get your child started. 


Silly Soup

Have a bowl and a spoon. Ask children to make your soup yummy by putting objects or pictures with your selected sound in the soup.  Any items that don't start with your initial sound will make the sound disgusting. As you mix the soup, sing;

We're making lots of silly soup,

We're making soup that's silly.

We're going to put it in the fridge,

To make it nice and chilly.


Cross the river

'Can we cross the river Mr Crocodile?' 'Only if your item starts with...'

Children to have a picture card or an item. If their picture starts with the initial sound you have called, they can attempt to cross the river. The adult is the crocodile who is very hungry and attempts to catch the children.



Have a grid with four or six words. Children to cross the words as they are called. When all the words off, children call 'bingo'. This game can also be played with sounds or tricky words.



Have a selection of words or sounds in the middle. When a sound or word is called, it's a race to splat it as quick as possible. The first player to splat the word or sound is the winner.


Tricky Words

Tricky words are words which we can not use our phonics to decode. We must learn them by sight. The Phase 2 tricky words are; I, no, go, the, into.

At school we learn these by playing games, such as bingo, splat and snap.


Useful website links







Sound Pronunciation Guide


Sound Pronunciation Guide.mp4

Still image for this video
Tweenies: Me First - A game about caring for each other and sharing.